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Chestnut (Year 5)

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VE Day - Celebrating 75 Years

Welcome Chestnut Class!


Well done for your focus and dedication to your home learning. This week all of your tasks have been set through Class Dojo. If you are working offline, the same learning is in the hard copy of the Home Learning Overview. As always I hope that you and your family remain well. Don't forget to take part in the Sock Olympics!


Please contact me at if you have any issues with using Class Dojo.

A hard copy version of all the online learning tasks is available for those who prefer to work offline.

Please do let me know if you would like a hard copy to be prepared for you to collect from school on Monday afternoon between 1 pm  and 3 pm.


It is really important that you continue to maintain a routine to help you get enough work done and ensure your continued mental well-being.

The current guidance is that you should only be spending between 1 and 3 hours on school work each day. We are setting 9 tasks each week so you need only complete 2 of the tasks each day. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the size of the home learning overview.


Please remember to read widely and write - many people are finding it helpful to keep a diary or blog - to keep yourself from boredom. 

You should also be doing some form of exercise each day but please remember to stay 2 meters away from others when you are out and about going for a walk, run or cycle.



Alongside daily reading here is the Weekly Learning Overview (also found in your Class Dojo Stories section and as a hard copy from school if you have requested it.) It was also emailed to your family. 

Activities to support your child with worries

Homework & Learning Resources


Please whenever possible encourage the productive use of time as it is essential for mental health well-being to avoid boredom and to ensure routines are maintained.




There is a vast amount of free home learning resources around at the moment from a number of websites, which will enable additional learning to continue while school is closed. Please also dip into the resources listed below to find additional tasks and challenges to suit your child's interests and needs. However, please keep a balance between work and relaxation. It is more important to stay healthy and happy right now. Do not let home learning become a burden or a cause for conflict within your home. Please reach out to me at if you have any concerns, queries or just feel like a chat.


BBC Bitesize

Bitesize is the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age children in the United Kingdom.

They offer daily lessons that you may want to consider accessing once school set tasks have been completed.

I would strongly recommend watching these lessons each day as a supplement to your home learning tasks if time allows.



If you would like to explore some learning opportunities beyond the curriculum please do visit 

They have developed a series of fun and informative videos with matching missions for children to complete. I highly recommend their resources.


The Life Bus have started Harold's Daily Diary which can be found here

This will have fun information and facts and will also suggest well-being activities to support your children during what may prove to be a difficult time.


Online Learning Resources


To access a wide range of educational resources from Twinkl, please go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.  You will find it really useful to access the Parents’ Hub which contains hundreds of educational activities designed for use at home.  For Reception (EYFS) parents, please take a look through the Twinkl EYFS for Parents area to find some really useful guides and activities to share. 


Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets is a great website, which provides free home learning packs.  They have created resource packs for each year group to help support your child’s learning at home.


Times Tables

At your child can easily practise all of their tables. The arithmetic problems are clear and simple, just select one of the times tables you wish to practise and show what you can do on the speed test, multiplication tables check or print out great worksheets.



Top Marks

Top Marks helps you save time finding excellent online educational resources – and you can search by subject and age group


BBC Supermovers

BBC Supermovers is filled with fun curriculum linked resources to get your child moving while they learn.  The website offers easy-to-follow active learning videos across a wide range of subjects!


BBC Newsround

The BBC Newsround website keeps young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.  It’s the home of fun topical quizzes and the place where your child can watch the latest edition of the show!



Pobble is a website that provides a range of visual images, alongside  a variety of comprehension and literacy activities. 

Remember to stay safe online.


If you need help you can contact any of the following services (click on the words to follow a link)




CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)

Non-Screen Activities

Lego Challenge

Physical Activity

Yoga For The Classroom - Yoga With Adriene

Please also join in with Joe Wicks every morning at 9 am Monday through Fridays for a half hour work out. 

He is The Body Coach on Youtube. If you miss a session they can be found later on Youtube so don't miss out!


Long Term Plan

Please find below the curriculum plan outlining the topics that are to be taught this year.


Subject Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
 Class Reader Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll Various Mayan and European Folktales Treasure Hunters by James Patterson
Mathematics Number, Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division Fractions and Shape
Topic/History World War II The Mayans Pirates
Geography Europe and the Countries involved in the War Central America Natural Disasters
French All Around Town ; On the Move Going Shopping ; Where in the World What's the Time ; Holidays and Hobbies