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Coronavirus updates 2021

Updates December 2021

Remote Learning Plan in the event of class or school closures

Drop off and collection arrangements from 21st September 2020:


Parents have 20 minutes to drop their child/children off at school between 8.35 - 8.55am.

Please follow the one-way system round the school site using the Willow Gate. 

Reception children will be collected by the oak class staff at 9.00am from the path by the cycle shelter.

All gates will be closed and locked at 9.05am. Children who arrive late are to enter the school via the office entrance.



Children in Years 1 - 6 should be collected from the classroom back door and again please follow the one-way system.

Please follow social distancing rules in the playground when waiting for your child.

Children will be released at the following times:

2.50pm - Willow (Year 1) from back door into the willow garden

2.50pm - Sycamore (Year 3) from back door into the playground

2.50pm - Oak (Reception) from the path outside Rowan (old pre-school building)

2.55pm - Maple (Year 2) from back door into the playground at the back of the hall

2.55pm - Beech (Year 6) into the playground

3.00pm - Silver Birch (Year 5) into the playground from back door of the classroom

3.00pm - Chestnut (Year 4) will leave via the Key Stage 2 ramp by the cycle shelter


Once you have collected your child/children please leave the school premises promptly and do not stop and block the paths.

Thank you for your on-going support at this time.

Can you guess who is who? Staff will wear PPE if they need to provide first aid or be very close to a child