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Parent Survey 2018

Thank you to the 75 parents who completed the parent survey in the spring term. Please find attached the feedback from parent survey completed in March 2018. We have analysed the data and added a comparison to the last parent survey of January 2017. The main findings include:



  • The vast majority of parents (97%) agree that their child is happy at school
  • that they are safe (98%)
  • making good progress (92%)
  • are well looked after (96%)
  • would recommend the school to another parent (88%)
  • receive valuable information about their child's progress (91%)
  • are well taught (96%) and
  • agreed that pupils behaved well (90%).



  • Responding to any parental concerns (82%) - 15% didn't know and hadn't had to register a concern.
  • Making it clearer how any bullying incidents are dealt with (68% agreed the school dealt effectively with bullying and 29% didn't know and hadn't had previous experience)
  • Appropriate homework for the age of the children (87%) as 9% didn't know if it was appropriate.
  • 85% of parents felt that the school was well led and managed and 13% didn't know.


Governors and school leaders will look at how we address the identified areas for improvement and focus on providing more detail on how it deals with bullying, reviewing homework, and distributing information on how the leadership and management of the school works.


Parent Survey Comparison 2017 - 2018