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Our School Values are Love, Respect & Resilience

Weekly Assemblies

Assemblies & Collective Worship during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Until government guidance changes, the children and staff are not to assemble together as a whole community to reduce the risk of infection.

Acts of collective worship will take place virtually using Microsoft Teams to enable the children to see each other on their interactive whiteboards.

Current guidance also means that the children cannot sing in groups larger than 15 but we will still enjoy music as part of our worship together.

Collective Worship will have a theme that runs for each term based on a set of Christian Values that are organised over a two year cycle.

These also align with our school core values of love, respect and resilience.


The values we will be focusing on for the 2020-21 year will be:

  • Term 1 - Generosity
  • Term 2 - Compassion
  • Term 3 - Courage
  • Term 4 - Forgiveness
  • Term 5 - Friendship
  • Term 6 - Respect


In 2021 - 2022 we will focus on:

  • Term 1 - Thankfulness
  • Term 2 - Trust
  • Term 3 - Perseverance
  • Term 4 - Justice
  • Term 5 - Service
  • Term 6 - Truthfulness


Each week we gather as a whole school for regular collective worship and assembly times, see the timetable below for our weekly schedule.  We invite you to join us on Tuesday afternoons at 2.40pm when Open The Book lead our assembly.  Also look out for dates of Friday afternoon class led assemblies at 2.40pm, or a music assembly (these begin at the slightly earlier time of 2.30pm) when we warmly invite you to join us.  Please see the calendar on this website to check when and which class will be leading.



1.05 pm

Collective Worship.



2.40pm - most Tuesdays

'Open The Book' lead each week. A group of volunteers from local churches bring us a dramatised Bible presentation.

Parents are invited to join us.


1.05 pm

Whole school hymn practice.



1.05 pm

Collective worship



2.40pm - see the calendar for which Fridays classes lead.

Class led sharing assembly.  Check the website calendar to find out which class will be leading.

Parents are invited to join us when classes lead.