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'Let your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16

Communicating Effectively

We value good communication between our school and families. It is important to us and helps build a community of trust and understanding that is at the heart of a good school. If you would like to share something with us, our staff are always pleased to make time to speak with you face to face.


Teachers greet our students at the classroom door each morning where you are welcome to quickly pass on information. Please don’t simply approach teachers at the start of the day and expect a meeting then and there– they will be busy and there won’t be the time to give you the attention that you require and we want to offer.


You are welcome to email your child's class teacher or the office to make an appointment with a teacher or the Headteacher, or call the school office on 01235 769867 if there is something urgent that needs to be passed on immediately. Class teachers will try their best to respond to emails within 2 working days, and we will respond to any written communication from parents within 10 school days.


In common with most schools we do not consent to any conversations at school being recorded.


We give permission for parents, carers and family members of pupils to photograph and film their own children in school events such as school plays, Sports Day etc. but we politely request that these images are not used on social media as we have children whose image cannot safely be shared.