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'Let your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16

Online Safety

Grove CE Primary is clear that pupils have a role to play in ensuring that their learning is supported by the safe and secure use of the internet, new technologies and mobile devices.

To remain both safe and legal when using the internet, they will need to understand the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills and show they:

▪ are responsible for using the school digital technology systems in accordance with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy

▪ understand the importance of reporting abuse, misuse or access to inappropriate materials and know how to do so

▪ know and understand policies on the use of mobile devices and digital cameras.  

▪ know and understand policies on the taking/use of images and on cyber-bullying at an age appropriate level.

▪ understand the importance of adopting good E-safety practice when using digital technologies out of school and realise that the school’s E-safety Policy covers their actions out of school, if related to their membership of the school Parents / Carers  


We believe that Parents and Carers play a crucial role in ensuring that their children understand the need to use the internet and mobile devices in an appropriate way.