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World Book Day

World Book Day is coming... the £1 vouchers have already arrived (and I hope I've put them in a 'safe place' until March)!

The World Book Day Website has some lovely games and videos, as well as reading and writing related competitions!

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Read for my school

As we have so many avid readers at Grove C of E you may be interested in the Read For My School website

It's a website with online books (similar to bug club) but focussed at Year 5 and 6 children. Sign up to start reading and try and win some prizes!

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Several parents have requested links to websites that could help with children's spellings.  I have put a few below:


They should help with highfrequency spellings right through to the KS2 word patterns.


Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check is a check of how children are progressing in phonics. It's a compulsory check for all Year 1 children nationally. Although it is a 'check' - there is a pass and fail mark, and parents will be notified of this at the end of the year. Children who don't reach the pass mark will retake the 'check' at the end of Year 2.
Children will be asked to read 20 real and 20 non-real words which can all be read using phonics. This checks that children can decode, and don't just learn words by sight. There is nothing you need to do to help your child prepare apart from keeping encouraging them with their reading, getting them to notice where 2 letters make 1 sound, or 3 letters make 1 sound e.g. ch, sh, th, ai, ee, igh etc.
There is more information on the Government Teaching and Learning website, but do ask if anything else you'd like to know about it.
At Grove C of E we follow the Letters and Sounds document when teaching phonics. We use a wide range of reading schemes including Jelly and Bean, Phonics Bug, Oxfordshire Reading Tree and Big Cat Readers.


Useful Phonics Websites


YouTube video with sounds pronounced correctly: