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'Let your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16

School Emergency Closures

In the event of the school needing to close due to heavy snow or an emergency, this procedure will be followed:


  • The Headteacher will inform the School Business Manager and teaching staff if the school is to be closed for the day or another plan is being put into operation.
  • The School Business Manager will notify parents and ALL staff if the school is open or closed via the school text messaging service.
  • The Headteacher will inform local radio stations, the Chair of Governors, ODST and put a message on the school website.


The school will be kept open, if at all possible, as long as the levels of health & safety standards can be maintained for all staff and children.

If less than half the school staff are able to travel safely into school the whole school may be shut or certain individual classes shut. 

Other options that may be used to keep the school open may include:

  • A later starting time to allow staff and children time to get safely into school
  • Everyone bringing a packed lunch if the school dinner staff cannot get to school
  • An earlier shutting time to give staff additional time to travel home safely


The school will aim to notify parents before 7am if the school or part of the school is going to be closed using local radio stations such as Jack 106.4 FM or 106.8 FM, BBC Radio Oxford 95.2 FM and Heart 102.6 FM. The school will also notify Oxfordshire County Council, who will add it to their website to keep local residents informed: