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Our School Values are Love, Respect & Resilience


Welcome to Grove Church of England Primary School.


At Grove we aim to provide an education which brings out the best in every child; building on their strengths and enabling them to develop a life-long love of learning. Our aim is to provide a happy and secure learning environment underpinned by Christian principles where everyone is valued and encouraged to achieve their full potential.


Through a growing understanding of our Christian Values of Love, Respect and Resilience, children become confident and comfortable in themselves as well as reminded that they are part of a wider community which includes the school, the village, the church and beyond. In so much as the school embraces the difference in each child, it teaches the children to embrace the world and all its differences with self- respect and tolerance.


Head Teacher:  Donna Blake


Our background


The school is currently situated on a pleasant open site adjacent to farmland to the North. The 1960’s single storey building and site are spacious and well cared for, providing a good environment for our children to learn.


Grove is situated a short distance from the market town of Wantage and is made up of mixed post-war housing created through successive developments giving a population of approximately 9500. The Local Plan has earmarked Grove for substantial development in the near future that we hope will provide increased benefits for our School.


The surrounding area of the school is of a rural nature, the nearest major towns of Abingdon, Oxford and Newbury being easily accessible by car.

The School catchment area falls mainly within the parish of St.John the Baptist Church.This church supports the school in a variety of ways and the governing body are keen that the school should continue to develop its Christian identity.


Our School Prayer:


Dear Lord

This is our School
Let peace dwell here.
Let our School be full of contentment.
Let love abide here.
Love of one another, love of mankind
love of life itself and love of God.
Let us remember, as many hands build a house, so many hearts makes our school.