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Our School Values are Love, Respect & Resilience

Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Curriculum 2021 - 2022

Term 1 Curriculum


English: We are beginning to use The Writing Rainbow and the Reading Rainbow, and will be writing stories based on the book Stone Age Boy and non-fiction about Skara Brae. 



  1. Adding and subtracting across 10, mental strategies

  2. Place value and using numbers to 1000


Science: Forces and magnetism



  • Describing maps of the world , including hemispheres, the tropics, latitude and longitude.

  • Europe -

  • Population

  • Rivers

  • Mountains



The Stone Age

  • Stone Age tools and weapons

  • Stone age hunter gatherers

  • Stone age clues from the past 



Understanding Christianity: 

People of God – What is it like to follow God?

  • Story of Noah; making and keeping promises (e.g. weddings and revisit baptism); getting rid of evil

  • Abraham, the challenge of following God and further exploration of the concept of covenant/promise; leaders and followers; giving things up for God

Sessions on each major world religion.



Me and My Relationships

  • Rules

  • Cooperation

  •  Friendship

Art: Self Portraits and Patterns

French: Greetings and talking about ourselves.

PE: Tennis