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Our School Values are Love, Respect & Resilience

Curriculum Plan

 Term 1 Curriculum


English: We are beginning to use The Writing Rainbow and the Reading Rainbow, and will be writing based on the video Feast and the book Stone Age Boy. Our class novel this term is Stig of the Dump.



  1. Composition and calculation: 100 and bridging 100
  2. Composition and calculation: three-digit numbers
  3. Securing mental strategies: calculation up to 999



  • Describing maps of the world , including hemispheres, the tropics, latitude and longitude.
  • Europe -
  • Population
  • Rivers
  • Mountains



The Stone Age

  • Stone Age tools and weapons
  • Stone age hunter gatherers
  • Stone age clues from the past 



Understanding Christianity: 

People of God – What is it like to follow God?

  • Story of Noah; making and keeping promises (e.g. weddings and revisit baptism); getting rid of evil
  • Abraham, the challenge of following God and further exploration of the concept of covenant/promise; leaders and followers; giving things up for God

Do Christians have to take communion?



Me and My Relationships

  • Rules
  • Cooperation
  •  Friendship

Art: Self Portraits and observational drawing

DT: Designing and making a kite which involves sawing and fixing materials together.

French: Greetings and talking about ourselves.

PE: Socially distanced skills practice (sprinting, jumping, throwing and dribbling)