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Our School Values are Love, Respect & Resilience

Who's Who


Miss Gould


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Blake



Miss Collett and Miss Gould: Oak Class (Reception)

Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Whyte: Willow Class (Year 1)
Miss Rodriguez: Maple Class (Year 2)
Mrs Cresswell: Sycamore Class (Year 3)
Mrs Blake and Mrs Millward: Chestnut Class (Year 4)

Mrs Elgar:  Silver Birch Class (Year 5)
Mr Chetty: Beech Class (Year 6)


Teaching Assistants

Ms Simeone  - Oak Class

Miss Terry - Willow Class

Mrs Blackford & Mrs Sharpe - Maple Class
Mrs Dunford - Sycamore Class

Miss Davis - Chestnut Class

Mrs Gale - Silver Birch Class

Miss Cooper - Beech Class

Miss Rogers 
Mrs Livingston
Mrs Ptaszek

Mrs McCullough 


Site Manager

Mr Haynes


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Livingston (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss Cooper

Ms Wallis

Mrs McCullough

Mrs J Wood

Mrs Ptaszek

Mrs S Wood

Miss Davis